Mindfulness Meditation

Learn to wake up and experience life at its fullest...moment by moment. It is not about clearing your mind, but getting to know it better. Develop and transform your relationship with your fears, pain and stress so they don't diminish the quality of your life. Learn to develop greater calmness, clarity and insight with all of your life experiences and turn them into opportunities for greater strength, wisdom and joy. There is no charge for Mindfulness Meditation instruction or group practice, but donations are gratefully accepted.
Group and individual instruction available
Group meditation practice 2 times per month

Guided Relaxation Meditation
Step out of the habitual state of stress with this guided relaxation session. Experience where you are holding stress and tension in your body. Then slowly, you are gently guided to let go of any tension you are holding in each area. After you have deepened your relaxation by releasing stored tension, you will be guided to visualize your place of peace and calm which will enable you to achieve a deeper, more relaxed state of being.

Individual Session - 30 to 45 minutes - $45

                                           Honoring Body, Mind and Spirit
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