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Therapeutic Massage
  A basic massage for stress reduction, relaxation and relief of                                                                  minor aches and pains   
90 minute          $95
60 minute          $70 
30 minute          $45

Advanced Clinical Massage     Treatment of soft tissue pain and dysfunction in order to                                                                         return the body to proper balance and optimal function,                                                                           thus decreasing pain.
90 minute          $105
60 minute          $80
45 minute          $65
30 minute          $55

CORE Myofascial Therapy     Identifies and removes restrictions in the fascia, allowing for                                                                   greater movement, flexibility and musculoskeletal balance.  
120 minute     $135
 90 minute      $110
 60 minute      $85

Pre-Natal Massage           Specialized massage tailored to the needs of the mother-to-be.
90 minute $105
60 minute     $80
30 minute     $55

Medical Massage            Working under the direction of a physician, we address soft tissue                                                          injuries or chronic pain. (requires prescription, diagnosis and                                                                  diagnosis code from physician)
Per 15 minute unit     $28

Hospice Massage Quality of life matters. Hospice Massage, providing comfort and dignity   at the end of life, is a hands-on complementary approach for those in                                                       hospice and palliative care that enhances quality of  life.                                                                             Combining sensitive massage techniques, focused touch, one-on-one                                                        attention and communication skills can be highly effective for those in                                                    later life stages. The unconditional gift of touch acknowledges the                                                            individual's worth regardless of the condition of the body or mind,                                                          easing suffering on all levels.
Pricing per individual circumstance

Reiki/Energy work A natural therapy that gently balances life energies (qi) and                                                                    brings health and well-being to the recipient. Reiki also                                                                            promotes relaxation and stress reduction.
45 minute $50

Guided Relaxation Meditation     A deeply relaxing guided meditation that includes
                                                                     a tension reducing body scan and peaceful guided                                                                                      imagery.
30 - 45 minute     $45

Aromatouch™ The specific application of  Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to promote physical, emotional and mental balance.
45 minute $50

If you have been injured in an auto accident and are experiencing neck or back pain, check with your auto insurance carrier to see if they will cover massage therapy.  We work with many major auto insurance companies in conjunction with your physician to provide pain relief.

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