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2020  Get Healthy Campaign

Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition Coaching Special


Eat More Vegetables! 

  1. It has been proven that moving to a more plant based diet can help to prevent or eliminate certain chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. 
  2. It doesn't have to be difficult or strange.
  3. Eating less animal products is a good way to help the planet and save resources.
  4. I can help!

2020 Get Healthy Campaign 

WFPB Nutrition Coaching Special:  Your initial Consultation is Free! I can answer your questions about what I offer and I can gather information about your goals. This way, in our first Coaching appointment, we will be all set to go! No time wasted!

Call Veronica, WFPB Nutrition Coach, at 412-364-3731 to schedule your free consultation.